We operate across various business sectors. Using localized and highly specialized knowledge of the economic, commercial, political and social environments in the different parts of the continent- we offer the following services:

Business Analysis

That can be tailored to a particular company.


Of commercial, economic and political environments.


African based corporations on potential commercial opportunities to explore on the rest of the continent.


On development based projects relevant to your sector.


On local partners, suppliers, contractors and service providers for the various stages of your project.


African based business individuals and entities as local agents in other African countries, often in partnership with local entities from the respective country.

Advise on localised structuring

Taking into consideration local laws, practices and policies.

Assisting Countries outside Africa

To seek partners for joint ventures on the continent.

Advice on Strategies

To make those companies that are already operational in Africa to do so in a manner that will make them more profitable and more efficient.

Assisting franchise-based companies

Find suitable franchisees speedily and efficiently.


In all aspects of Regulatory and Licensing issues.

Project Management

Act as facilitator and consulting agency for companies seeking to enter or expand operations on the African continent.

Wine and Distilled alcoholic beverage merchant

Building & Construction



Oil & gas

Technology, media & telecommunications

We support companies on matters concerning doing business on the African market, irrespective of their size and industry sector. Together with our clients, we work towards achieving clear competitive advantages and upgrading business operation over the long term.

In conjunction with our highly experienced local partners in all parts of the continent, we assist business individuals and entities in finding partners and opportunities to explore mutually beneficial relationships in a variety of forms.

Working quietly and respecting confidentiality, our role is to achieve the results and not gain publicity. To this end, our low public profile is both deliberate and intended.